Jim Geovedi

Music Producer, DJ, Computer Scientist


Here is how I describe myself...

I am good at creating problems, suggesting high level conspiracies, cursing, spell-casting and pretending to be a genius. I love watching people from a safe distance and sometime I would like to insult their intelligence.


I'd like to think myself as an old-school grindcore and death metal fan and use my choice of music for positive self-regulatory purposes.

Nearly a decade ago, I started producing electronic dance music and have delved into the deep end! Here's what my publicist wrote about me and my music...

Jim Geovedi crashed the Indonesian electronic dance music charts in mid-2010. Though the success proved a bit too much for him, he built his reputation back over the course of a few years and became one of Techno's most respected producers. He has released many EPs as solo artist or as a group, SEGO, which he formed together with a brilliant artist and friend, Andre Dunant, on well respected electronic dance music labels such as Plus Tokyo, Armada, Cutz and Elektrax.

Some of his and SEGO tracks have been played by world famous DJ's at numerous places, from beach parties in Ibiza to glamorous clubs in New York, from exciting night clubs in Tokyo to banging techno clubs in Sydney.

He also has been nominated multiple times at Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards.

Check out my music on Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.


Jonathan Kent, a BBC journalist, was kind enough to craft excellent wording about me.

Jim Geovedi... doesn't look like a Bond villain. But he possesses secrets that some of them might kill for.

For the last two decades, I have been known for my works in Computer and Telecommunication Security. I also have spoken at numerous international conferences. My insights have been featured on BBC, Forbes, Reuters, The Register, Wall Street Journal and many more.


For the past 15 years, I have been a founder, advisor and investor to some companies ranging from IT security consulting to R&D companies.


For DJ booking and remix enquiry, please contact Elektrax Music.

If you are a journalist or publicist, feel free to use photos from this album. All of them are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

I am reachable via e-mail: jim@geovedi.com or text/voicemail: +1-774-234-6238. If you are a security conscious person, here is my public key.